Thanks to our strong and professional team you will discover this region where we live and most beautiful activities of which we are all year round actors.

We place at your disposal our knowledge of the land, our mutual understanding in order to assure your security in a convivial, enthusiastic and dynamic atmosphere.


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A playful way to explore the most aquatic and steep-sided canyons through jumps, swimmings, toboggans and abseiling.



A mineral journey of exception in the Verdon gorges - an international renown site - for its biggest areas and for an initiation.



Nepalese bridges, footbridges and climbing - sometimes abrupt, simple and flexible techniques to reach the verticality in a complete autonomy.


Water Rambling

A contemplative and refreshing pleasure, accessible to all. Going down while swimming or jumping in the rivers, which are not as steep-sided as canyons.


White waters

Rafting, hydro speed, air-boat. Different ways to go down the Verdon, the Vésubie and Var in a dynamic or domestic atmosphere. (with our partner).